Really who cares

Trigger Warnings Beware BE very AWARE

umm I like pigeons but am afraid of crickets which is why pigeons are my buddies oh bats too cause they eat crickets which happen to be the spawn of the devil :P
I do not and am not supporting self harm by posting based on how i am feeling!
If you need someone to talk to I am here nearly 24/7


If anyone knows who drew these and if they made more, please let me know. This is just amazing.

EDIT: Thanks for the info (All 3 of you)! This art was made by user TKG on Note: you may need a pixiv account to view it.

Oh god I don’t deserve all these notes, this isn’t even my work. But thank you all for spreading this around. I hope to get just as many notes once I start publishing my own work. I hope you’ll like it!

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